Exercise and exercise some more.

Who knew a very small movement of a leg or arm could produce a very intense exercise?  I’ve been doing my bridges and leg exercises (including hamstring curls) every other day.  My legs are getting a workout. WooHoo!  Also, I now walk 100 feet with a walker.  It seems like a small distance but to me it feels great.  The physical therapist says I need new “wider” shoes.  So off to the shoe store!  Wish me luck!

I’m hoping I can continue with this pace because I’d like to see if I can eventually stand without the help of a walker.  Have a great day and keep exercising.

Who Knew?

English: Johns Inc Salad_Bar_Buffet

English: Johns Inc Salad_Bar_Buffet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being on the 21 Day Fat Loss Diet, I decided to spice up my late night snack so I went searching for toppings for my salad.  Of course, there are many choices.  I tried to find the peas offered in many salad bars (they are fresh, firm and tasty).


But the only peas I could find were frozen.  Unless I’d be willing to “depod” them (which I’m not), I’d have to look elsewhere.

Continuing on, I found a section with raw, nutritious foods that were in ready to use containers. The Company is called Go Raw.  www.goraw.com

Apple Cinnamon Granola

Tastes Great!

The apple cinnamon granola is heavenly.  The product is packed with protein and one ingredient is hemp.  Turns out that hemp is a remarkable source of protein and other nutrients, like nitric oxide.  Pretty incredible.

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One more trip!

Went to the Oregon Hemorrhoid Clinic today for a procedure.  Doctor says Bio 17 homeopathic remedy has shown remarkable effectiveness.  I have been taking Bio-17 sublingually for one week.  I have felt better and I have felt a lessening or shrinking of tissue.  I know that sounds like a commercial for Preparation H (which is good to use in an emergency), but its the truth.


Don’t want to feel like this


Then take this!



Balance Physical Therapy

Last Thursday I attended a Gig Harbor Event.  It was a meeting to support and inform about head trauma.  The speaker talked about why people with head injuries must have their eyes open to walk, stand and do activities because it gives them stability.  In order to “wake up” balance, sometimes we can simply look both ways (like you did when you were a kid to cross the street).

I tried this when I walked with a walker an it did help.  Please consult your doctor before using this (look both ways) because You need to be sure it is for you.  Anyways, I had a Physical Therapy visit and it turns out when my eyes are closed, I can’t feel my feet very well.  No duh!  But the therapist was kind and knowledgeable and gave me butt exercises.  WooHoo!  Turns out I need to get a bigger butt, or should I say a more muscular one!  So here we go!

Gig Harbor, Washington

Gig Harbor, Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Physiotherapie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Products and A Crazy Creation

I’m so excited to show you a necklace my daughter and I designed/made.  It is really unique and

I like it.DSCN5496 DSCN5492

I went to JoAnn’s today and Elisha helped me find a Cuttlebug machine.  I saw a few videos on YouTube about it.  I can’t wait to try it out.

So back to new healing therapies.  I am starting a new homeopathic remedy called Bio 17 Hemorrhoids from Best Made Natural Products.com  Even though I just started this product, it has had noticeable effects.  Also I’m taking a new product recommended from my Neurologist called L-Glutathione Plus; by Douglas Laboratories, you take sublingually (under your tongue).   This product has had some positive healing qualities for people with neurological symptoms.  I have noticed an increase in balance with standing.

Here are some hints about L-Glutathione SL that I found helpful:

Never chew any part of this tablet, let it dissolve a bit and mix the dissolved part with spit and swallow. Repeat this process until tablet is entirely dissolved.
If you chew this tablet, a scum film gets on your teeth and you have to chew Xylitol gum or brush your teeth to get rid of it.

Once pill is dissolved, let some spit accumulate in your mouth and swish and swallow to make sure you get all of the supplement into your system.

I started with 1 tablet every 12 hours and moved up to 2 tablets but found that made me feel nauseous so I went back to 1 tablet. I think each person will react differently. There is no “right” way to take this supplement (other than as directed 12 hours apart). Find out what works for you and, of course, consult your doctor.

I have taken the product for a couple of months.  I have stopped taking the other expensive product, it had no effect.




Moving Right Along

001 collage (1).jpgHey! I finally got an appointment to see the balance Physical therapist.  I feel like things are moving forward.  I am also studying some new jewelry making techniques.  I put tonether this “first creation” to document the first pieces I created.  Sometimes it feels good to do something that can not be undone.  On to learning riveting and stamping.  I hope everyone is staying focused on what it is you want to accomplish and I hope you set your sights on do just that.

Keep Smiling!


Been busy trying to stay focused

So, I have had so many new doctors visits and information pouring in.  I’m setting up an appt with a Physical Therapist to heal balance.  Woo Hoo!  I am now walking with a walker each day to try and jiggle that muscle memory!  Doing fair, its an ongoing process. I got the 21 day food lover’s weight loss plan for my birthday last year and to date I’ve lost 30 lbs.  can I get a Amen?  and a woohoo!

Various homeopathic remedies

Various homeopathic remedies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Still studying and passed the Homeopathic section of my Natural Doctors course.  WooHoo! and now, I’m searching for natural and homeopathic remedies to help with healing.  This is a quick paragraph to cover almost a year or actually over a year but all these things take time.



I hope everyone is staying focused and laughing daily.  “Make ’em Laugh”  remember that song?  Anyway, keep smiling!